The Figs Are Here

FigsThe cover over the China Yellow Fig tree is working and we’re getting figs by the dozen(s) almost every day.

They ripen quick – so we’ll be sending out alerts to let you know when they’re available. You’ll want to pick them up and use them ASAP. And if you can’t use them right away, put them into a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer. They’ll still be great for yogurt, just a little mushy for slicing.

What we don’t sell becomes one of our customer favorites: Fig Preserves! But really, you must try a fresh, raw fig, right out of the garden.

At $8.00 a pound, these are a sweeter fig than what you’ll find at valley markets for around the same price.

Be sure to subscribe to our Farm to Table Alerts. We’re sending out short messages when the bounty basket is full of morning picked produce ready for your table tonight.

And, please share this email with your Rio Verde Foothills neighbors and to anyone else you know who would love to have locally grown fresh produce and willing to pick it up at our satellite location one mile north of Dynamite off 136th Street. Thank you!


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