Plumb Jam, Smoked Salmon and Fig Preserves

Label Full SW Bread Butter PicklesCarol has been busy all summer. Between the garden and her mangled knee, there’s lots to do.

First, the knee. She was stepping over a tangle of vines in the garden and her knee “just wasn’t there,” as she puts it. Fortunately she was able to stop herself from crashing into the pool wall.

We got her to E.R. right away. Fortunately, it’s ‘just’ a really bad tear of a lot of different things. As active as Carol has been all her life, she’s lucky her injury is only ‘this bad.’

Unfortunately, it means she’s needing help to manage the summer harvest, doctors and physical therapy, while gimping around in a brace. If not for the help of wonderful neighbors (Thank you Tim and Sheila!) some of Carol’s garden might not have made it.

Sheila has been stopping by in the morning to help with watering and harvesting everything she can. She’s learned cucumbers and green beans can grow six inches over night. Her husband Tim has maintained vigilance over the fig tree, making sure to collect every fig at its perfect moment before picking. The tree has produced a fantastic crop and what we weren’t able to eat (which we did every day and almost at every meal and then some), Carol has preserved.Stella Goat

What’s Available Now

Bread and Butter Pickles
Smoked Salmon
Pickled Okra
Fig Preserves
Plumb Jam
Tomato Jam (Excellent for BLT’s!)
Tangerine Jam
Grapefruit Jam

Carol still has natural soap and her organic potting soil for your vegetable and flower gardens.

Our online store continues to evolve as we work through the learning curve. Your feedback is important, it helps us figure this out!

And while it’s hot outside, we’ve been working on our product labels with the help of the most talented, Sue Wenger. Sue is the artist behind the beautiful water-color paintings she’s created of all the products Carol grows and makes. These paintings are so pretty we’re considering turning them into note cards and other items.

She’s not made a batch of cheese, the goats have been on summer break. As soon as it cools down, Carol is first in line for goat milk from Mad Goats Dairy in Surprise, Arizona.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing everyone when the Troon North Farmers Market reopens in fall 2016.

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