New Location For Troon North Farmers Market

The lovely organizers of the Troon North Farmers Market have moved the location of the market.


The Troon North farmers Market has Moved!

But not far, so don’t worry.  Just down the west side of the hill, down Dynamite at the Chase Bank center.

We’re still on for october 1,st, starting at 9am. Carol has been super busy making cheese and Sue and I have been working on Labels and a Banner. Sue’s artwork is so beautiful, I want to turn it into gift cards and fabric for aprons. And the labels look great. Can’t wait for you all to see them!

So if you find yourself at the top of the hill and no one is around, get back in your car and head down the hill a little. The wonderful organizers promise to have lots of signage out, so watch for it!

New Labels, Artwork by Sue Wenger
We’ll be there with the new season of pickled okra and long beans, prickly pear jam, pomegranate sauce, fig preserves, and Lava sauce – with a triple X warning! 

And of course she has other sweeties like tangerine jam, grapefruit jam, and my personal favorite, the Chilie Jelly.

Another new item is Carol’s Tomato Jam. This is the perfect condiment for a BLT made with Carol’s Smoked Pork Belly Bacon. Unfortunately we won’t have the smoked meats at the market (and we’re currently out of the Pork Beverly and Taos Ham), but it will perk up any BLT or meat sandwhich. It is also a great addition to a charcuterie board.

The weather should be great, but bring a hat and a sweater just in case. And your shopping bags!

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