Extra October Date for Troon North Farmers Market

October 2016 for the Troon North Farmers Market has brought an extra Saturday for local shopping in north Scottsdale.

The Troon North Farmer’s Market will be open Saturday, October 29th and then again the following week on Saturday November 5th. See the rest of the Troon North Farmer’s Market here.

Spend the extra Saturday taking a drive to the north area and discover all kinds of locally grown, produced and created products from creative, hardworking people who live close by.

Rio Verde Naturals will be there with a new selection of fresh goat milk cheeses. Carol has been experimenting and her two latest creations are ready for you to enjoy.

Announcing Two New Goat Milk Cheeses.

Quartz Vein is aged using Vegetable Ash. The cheese then forms its own mold over the ash and builds a creamy layer next to the forming rind, between it at the soft “blue cheese” like bite.

Cumulus. Like the cloud formation, this cheese has a flat bottom and are puffy and cotton like in appearance. This cheese has been allowed to age, giving it time to form a soft, chewy rind and a smooth creamy inside.

Both of these cheeses are perfect for a charcuterie board for the holidays. Pair them with Carol’s Indian Spice Citrus Pickles and Pickled Long Beans for a unique flavor offering your guests will rave over.

Visit our online store to place your order before the market and we’ll have it weighed, packaged and ready for pickup at the Troon North Farmer’s Market.

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