About Rio Verde Naturals

Welcome to Rio Verde Naturals

Located in the Rio Verde Foothills of Scottsdale, Arizona. Sharing the bounty of the desert.

On their private Rio Verde Foothills land, Donny Benson and Carol Shuler have built a gardeners paradise. Using only natural, organic practices, they raise several varieties of crops of herbs and vegetables year round.

Which means products are seasonal! Once the pickled okra is gone – it’s gone until the next crop is harvested, next year! So if there is something you like, subscribe to the Rio Verde Naturals Newsletter. We’ll let you know what’s growing, what’s being picked, picked and prepared and available at the next Farmers Market.

From the Garden: Products can also change when Carol finds a unique recipe to try. Ranging from old world cheese to Indian spice citrus, you never know what Carol might try. And we hope you’re just as adventurous! Next time you spot us, ask to try the Indian Spice Citrus and hope we have some! Once you try this unique blend of middle eastern spices and learn how to use it, this will become your go-to food item to take to parties.

Rio Verde Naturals Raw Goat Milk Cheeses  can be found the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at the Troon North Farmers Market. Attendance at market based on availability of milk!

Watch for recipes and serving suggestions coming soon.
Subscribe to the Rio Verde Naturals Newsletter and we’ll send them to you.

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