Quartz Vein Goat Milk Cheese

All Rio Verde Naturals goat Milk Cheese is sold by the ounce at $1.25 per ounce. We weight each piece and price it accordingly.


Quartz Vein is one of Carol’s latest recipes and has been a big hit with the shoppers at the Troon North Farmers Market.

Similar to the crowd favorite, Desert Bloom, Quartz Vein is made with the vegetable ash. Where Desert Bloom offers a bite similar to blue cheese, Quartz Vein has a softer texture and a smooth flavor.

Cut into the round and see the beautiful vein of vegetable ash running through the white, silky cheese. You can see where it gets its name.

Cheese is $1.25 per ounce. Each piece is weighed individually and prices accordingly.

Quartz Vein is available in full, half and quarter rounds.


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