Quartz Vein Not Ready for November 5 Troon North Farmers Market


Carol’s lastest Goat Milk Cheese creation, Quartz Vein, was a big hit at the last two Troon North Farmers Markets. So much, that there’s only one ’round’ left. First come, first serve! The next batch won’t be ready until the next market on November 19th. This new favorite has a soft rind and firm, but smooth inside with a nice flavor, somewhat like a very mild blue cheese. The reason Quartz Vein sells out is because everyone who tries it, buys it! Because this cheese is so popular, we’d like to make sure our regulars and subscribers have the opportunity to reserve their piece of Quartz Vein before this batch […]

Rio Verde Naturals Art Work by Sue Wenger


Sue Wenger is the artist behind the labels beginning to cover the Rio Verde Naturals product lines. From Indian Spice Citrus pickles to the goat for the cheeses, Sue has been busy creating beautiful work. Her latest addition is the still life that will be used in the Rio Verde Naturals banner. What do you think? Personally, I have been blown away by her work. It is so beautiful I want to make fabric out of it for aprons and t-shirts. Sue says she may even venture into painting other things, like animals and landscapes. Maybe we’ll start selling her work too!

Next Market: November 5th.


Last week the Troon North Farmers Market held their “bonus market” – there were just enough weeks in October and the days fell into place where we were able to have three markets in one month. But it means that to keep to the schedule of holding the market on the first and third weeks of the month, that we’ll be back this weekend, November 5th and again on the 19th. And on the 20th we’ll be at the Rio Verde Horseman’s Association Holiday Bazaar. Just take a drive further east on Dynamite to the Fire Station. Lots of local people will be there, with their unique items from jewelry […]

Extra October Date for Troon North Farmers Market


October 2016 for the Troon North Farmers Market has brought an extra Saturday for local shopping in north Scottsdale. The Troon North Farmer’s Market will be open Saturday, October 29th and then again the following week on Saturday November 5th. See the rest of the Troon North Farmer’s Market here. Spend the extra Saturday taking a drive to the north area and discover all kinds of locally grown, produced and created products from creative, hardworking people who live close by. Rio Verde Naturals will be there with a new selection of fresh goat milk cheeses. Carol has been experimenting and her two latest creations are ready for you to enjoy. […]

Farmers Market Success and Label Art


The first┬ámarket of the season was a success! The sudden change of venue just days before the first market had a few people searching for us, and we’re happy they did. The new market area has more parking and will hopefully make shopping easier. Look for the signs, the market is located about half way between Pima and Alma School on Dynamite at the Chase Bank center. We were happy to see so many of our customers after the summer break and to hear how much you missed Carol’s cheeses, preserves and jams. There are many new items to try, so mark your calendar for the┬ánext market, October 15th, 9am […]

New Location For Troon North Farmers Market

The lovely organizers of the Troon North Farmers Market have moved the location of the market. NEWS FLASH The Troon North farmers Market has Moved! But not far, so don’t worry.  Just down the west side of the hill, down Dynamite at the Chase Bank center. We’re still on for october 1,st, starting at 9am. Carol has been super busy making cheese and Sue and I have been working on Labels and a Banner. Sue’s artwork is so beautiful, I want to turn it into gift cards and fabric for aprons. And the labels look great. Can’t wait for you all to see them! So if you find yourself at […]

Troon Farmers Market Around The Corner


The Troon North Farmers Market returns October 1st. And we’ll be ready at 9am with all kinds of new goodies and the crowd favorites. Stop by and see our new products with their snazzy new labels. OKRA Prickly Pear Sauce Bread & Butter Pickles Peach Jam Goji Berry Jam Fig Preserves Pickled Green Beans And so much more – stop by our booth and find out what else we’ve got on the shelves! GOAT CHEESE Carol has been busy making cheese. A new recipe has been “doing its thing” for a few weeks now and should be just about perfect come market time. Here’s what it looks like right now: […]

Cheese is in the Air! Troon North Farmers Market Starts October 1!


We’re Ready for the Market! The weather is cooling down (or is giving us a break at the moment. I can’t remember a Labor Day weekend so *cool*) and Carol has been busy making all kinds of goodies. The summer bounty has kept her in the garden most mornings, especially since we’ve not had much monsoon rain in the Rio Verde Foothills this summer. Armenian cucumbers are the bumper crop so far. Carol hasn’t been able to keep up turning them into the sweet and sour pickles everyone loves so much, so we’ve been making fresh juice, mixing them with apples, ginger, turmeric, mint and lime. But don’t worry, there […]

Plumb Jam, Smoked Salmon and Fig Preserves


Carol has been busy all summer. Between the garden and her mangled knee, there’s lots to do. First, the knee. She was stepping over a tangle of vines in the garden and her knee “just wasn’t there,” as she puts it. Fortunately she was able to stop herself from crashing into the pool wall. We got her to E.R. right away. Fortunately, it’s ‘just’ a really bad tear of a lot of different things. As active as Carol has been all her life, she’s lucky her injury is only ‘this bad.’ Unfortunately, it means she’s needing help to manage the summer harvest, doctors and physical therapy, while gimping around in […]

The Figs Are Here


The cover over the China Yellow Fig tree is working and we’re getting figs by the dozen(s) almost every day. They ripen quick – so we’ll be sending out alerts to let you know when they’re available. You’ll want to pick them up and use them ASAP. And if you can’t use them right away, put them into a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer. They’ll still be great for yogurt, just a little mushy for slicing. What we don’t sell becomes one of our customer favorites: Fig Preserves! But really, you must try a fresh, raw fig, right out of the garden. At $8.00 a pound, […]