The Figs Are Here

FigsThe cover over the China Yellow Fig tree is working and we’re getting figs by the dozen(s) almost every day.

They ripen quick – so we’ll be sending out alerts to let you know when they’re available. You’ll want to pick them up and use them ASAP. And if you can’t use them right away, put them into a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer. They’ll still be great for yogurt, just a little mushy for slicing.

What we don’t sell becomes one of our customer favorites: Fig Preserves! But really, you must try a fresh, raw fig, right out of the garden.

At $8.00 a pound, these are a sweeter fig than what you’ll find at valley markets for around the same price.

Be sure to subscribe to our Farm to Table Alerts. We’re sending out short messages when the bounty basket is full of morning picked produce ready for your table tonight.

And, please share this email with your Rio Verde Foothills neighbors and to anyone else you know who would love to have locally grown fresh produce and willing to pick it up at our satellite location one mile north of Dynamite off 136th Street. Thank you!


First Edition of Rio Verde Naturals News

Rio verde Naturals GardenGreeting from the Garden Scribe

Because Carol spends most of time with her hands in the dirt or the makings of something yummy, she has me, her personal scribe, document the days bounty to share with all of you.

“The heat is going to make everything grow faster.” 

Eyeing several already long Armenian Cucumbers, Carol explains the upcoming hot days will give the ‘cuts’ the fuel they need to grow. The vines are covered in varying stages of growth, ensuring a good crop for fresh and pickling use.

Armenian Cucumbers $2.50 each

Long Beans sprouting up too.

These beans can grow to be 2’ long, making them an excellent product to can. Cutting them into perfect lengths to fit the jars means no wasted space.

They are excellent fresh in salads or as a snack and work well as a steamed side.

The height of their season is late summer.

Long Beans $ TBD at market date

Yellow Crook Neck SquashNew bed of Yellow Crook Neck planted

A summer favorite, the Yellow Crook Neck squash has one bed beginning to produce. This plant “poops out” after a short production run, so a new bed has been plated, timed to begin producing as the current plant dies off. Since these are not a high number producing plant, you’ll want to get these while in supply. Once they’re gone, they are gone!

Yellow Crook Neck squash are an excellent, dense meat squash. The seeds are in the “belly” of the squash and the neck consists of all flesh. This squash holds together nicely for stir fry and steaming. It is also perfect as a chopped vegetable in salads.

The Okra is coming!

Every year the Okra grows in popularity. This mis-understood vegetable is slowly showing its better side to picky eaters who have sworn off the supposedly slimy green.

Before the crop comes in, we’ll share some ‘de-sliming’ techniques that will have you and your family rethinking your thoughts about Okra.

Carol wants to know if you like Chard. The current bed is going strong and she’ll plant another one for the summer if there is enough interest. So let us know using the form on the contact page if you’d like to have fresh Chard through the summer!


China Yellow FigIf you haven’t heard about the China Yellow Fig Tree, well that’s a story for another time. The headline here is that the tree is loaded with figs. As they ripen we’ll let you know, but we’re thinking we’ll need to form a waiting list and a offer a limited number at a time. It’s our only way to make sure we offer as many people the opportunity to try these amazing figs. We’ll keep you posted!

Year Round in the Garden

There are a few things that grow year round in the garden. They may be in various stages of production or dormancy, but most can still be used fresh.



Chocolate Mint

African Blue Basil

Lemon Basil

Wild Arugula