Quartz Vein Not Ready for November 5 Troon North Farmers Market

Carol’s lastest Goat Milk Cheese creation, Quartz Vein, was a big hit at the last two Troon North Farmers Markets. So much, that there’s only one ’round’ left. First come, first serve!

The next batch won’t be ready until the next market on November 19th.

This new favorite has a soft rind and firm, but smooth inside with a nice flavor, somewhat like a very mild blue cheese. The reason Quartz Vein sells out is because everyone who tries it, buys it!

Because this cheese is so popular, we’d like to make sure our regulars and subscribers have the opportunity to reserve their piece of Quartz Vein before this batch is gone too.

We’ll send out an email, and a “Snap” (a quick message to everyone) when the cheese is ready. The first ones to respond get first dibs.

And while you’re reserving your Quartz Vein, visit the Rio Verde Naturals Shop and add a jar of Preserved Figs or Smoked Salmon to your ¬†order. We can package your order up as a hostess gift, perfect for your next holiday party.

Hibiscus Jelly For The Holidays

This sweet Jelly has a smooth texture, perfect for mixing with peanut butter or spooning over hot pancakes and waffles. And its beautiful deep pink color brightens any plate on your holiday table.

Like other Rio Verde Naturals products, Hibiscus Jelly is a small batch, so be sure to get a jar before they’re gone until next year!

REMINDER: Bring your jars back and get $1 off (for each jar) on your next Rio Verde Naturals purchase.

See you Saturday, November 5th at the Troon North Farmers Market, 10037 E Dynamite, Scottsdale from 9 a.m to 1 p.m.

Next Market: November 5th.

Last week the Troon North Farmers Market held their “bonus market” – there were just enough weeks in October and the days fell into place where we were able to have three markets in one month.

But it means that to keep to the schedule of holding the market on the first and third weeks of the month, that we’ll be back this weekend, November 5th and again on the 19th.

And on the 20th we’ll be at the Rio Verde Horseman’s Association Holiday Bazaar. Just take a drive further east on Dynamite to the Fire Station. Lots of local people will be there, with their unique items from jewelry to coffee and of course, Rio Verde Naturals!

And we’re looking forward to it! It’s so nice to see the snowbirds coming back to the valley and so many familiar faces at the market.

Quartz VeinThis weekend Rio Verde Naturals will have more of Carol’s latest cheese – Quartz Vein. We sold out of this cheese early in the day, so if you want some Quartz Vein you can either order it online or plan to be at the market early. Like all Rio Verde Natural products, supplies are limited!

Another new product is Carols Hibiscus Jelly. The plant in the garden is beautiful. We don’t have labels for the jelly yet, but we’re working on it!