Cheese is in the Air! Troon North Farmers Market Starts October 1!

Label Full Jams Tangerines SWWe’re Ready for the Market!

The weather is cooling down (or is giving us a break at the moment. I can’t remember a Labor Day weekend so *cool*) and Carol has been busy making all kinds of goodies.

The summer bounty has kept her in the garden most mornings, especially since we’ve not had much monsoon rain in the Rio Verde Foothills this summer.

Armenian cucumbers are the bumper crop so far. Carol hasn’t been able to keep up turning them into the sweet and sour pickles everyone loves so much, so we’ve been making fresh juice, mixing them with apples, ginger, turmeric, mint and lime. But don’t worry, there are plenty of pickles!

Long Bean Pickles are also ready. These are a new addition to the product line. We hope you like them!

Also on the shelves, until they’re gone:

Tangerine Jam
Peach Jam
Plumb Jam
Grapefruit Jam
Chile Jelly
Indian Spice Citrus Pickles
Grape Syrup

Stella GoatFresh Goat Milk Cheese

Carol just processed 25 gallons of Mad Goat Organic Milk, making her famous Rio Verde Dirty Balls, Luna and Stella varieties. She’s ready to try a few new recipes and is headed out this week to pick up another 25 gallons of fresh milk. If you can’t wait until October 1 to pick up fresh goat milk cheese, give us a call or send us an email!

Social Media and Troon North Farmers Market

We’ve also been (a little) active on social media. Use the hashtags (#) below to find us Instagram.


If you haven’t been to the Troon North Farmers Market, we hope you make the trip and come see all the cool things these vendors are offering. Besides Carol’s home-grown, home-made goodies, there’s a wonderful gluten-free baker, a coffee roster selling beans (and hot coffee), local honey, the list goes on. I have to remember to get their website info and link to them. Karma 🙂

RVN Flyer 3The Rio Verde Naturals Online Store

The online store remains open! We’re still getting used to how it works, and working out bugs, but really, so far so good. We’ve decided to leave it up and running, since the markets only happen twice a month, but the garden and goats produce every day. Lots of fresh stuff is available during the week, so don’t wait until market day, if you don’t have to, to pick up your fresh goodies. Visit The Rio Verde Naturals Online Store here. And be sure to ask Carol what she’s got in stock – I can’t keep up with her, putting things into the online store inventory!


Raw Goat Milk Cheese

Cheese overheadCarol’s Raw Goat Milk Cheeses continue to be the biggest hit.

Raw Goat Milk Cheeses are available through the summer. These are done in small batches and they go fast!



Stella – plain and rolled in African blue basil


Greek Yogurt

Verde Rocks

Cheese Curds

Cheese is sold by weight.

Customers are always welcome to request items! Let us know if you’re wanting something specific, like a large wheel of Luna or a big order of greek yogurt. Send us an email or use the form on our website!