Rio Verde Naturals at Troon North Farmers Market May 7

2016-01-15 07.22.34Hopefully the rain will wait until the evening and the heat will wait until June. This is the second to what we feel will be the last of the markets until after the weather cools in late September, early October.

We have heard rumors that the ┬áhard-working people who run the market are searching for indoor alternatives for the market to continue through the hot Arizona summer months. We’ll keep you posted.

Rio Verde Naturals products on May 7th

There is still plenty of:

Bread & Butter Pickles
Goji Berry Jam
Indian Spice Citrus Pickles
Concord Grape Syrup

Raw Goat Milk Cheese

Carol has been able to secure fresh, raw, and certified organic goat milk from Mad Goats in Surprise, AZ.


Still available in limited supply:

Desert Bloom
Shepherds Cheese

Announcing New Products!

Dirty Business!

Potting Soil and Soap

The perfect potting mix for people who like plants in pots.

Natural, aromatherapy soaps to scrub the dirt out.

We’ll have a few bags of soil on hand at the market. If you’d like more than one bag – or more than 15 pounds – let us know. Carol had over 10,000 pounds formulated specifically for organic potting needs.

We look forward to seeing you there! Remember to return your jars for a $1.00 credit – per jar – on your next purchase of any Rio Verde Naturals product.